My name is Joe Guarino and I'm a Web & UI Designer

Something about me

Joe Guarino

ITALY, Oct. 14 — It was on a bright, sunny Monday afternoon that little Joe was born, a soft-skinned, hairless little boy. He grew up nurturing his passion for cars and motorbikes. He was quick to discover a new passion for technology immediately upon his first encounter with a very special gift from his father on his 8th birthday: a Commodore 64. Little did Joe realize at the time how much this event would influence the rest of his life.

Having realized the enormous potential of the computer, Joe kept abreast with its evolutionary process through the early 90s, always excited about what was to come next. He specialized in Computer Science in high school during a time when the internet was growing ever larger. It what then that he decided to become an expert in Internet Science and began developing websites. He gained an understanding of databases, designed templates and became very familiar with the internet system as a whole.

Joe's passion turned to commitment at the age of 16 as he continued to work on his projects. He realized that his field was nothing like other academic subjects and often said, “You can’t just learn today and pretend your knowledge will be current a year from now because it won’t. You have to keep up to date daily. It is that progressive”. It wasn’t easy for Joe, but he was determined. He moved 1,000 km away from his hometown to attend a university to continue his studies, and he now holds a Bachelor Degree in Web and Multimedia Technologies. He has also studied in Australia at the Griffith University (Gold Coast, QLD) where the Queensland College of Arts is located. Joe attended such courses as Graphic Design, Typography for Screen, Dynamic Multimedia Systems, Database Administration, and more. He is currently finishing his Master degree in Information Technology.

Joe remembers Australia with great fondness, saying, "It’s such a nice place! I want to go back one day". Today, Joe is focused on his master thesis, a project about Emotional Design, and hopes to have another chance to visit his favourite country, and, possibly, to stay there forever.

To be continued…

How does it work?


This may sound silly, but it really isn't. Sometimes I'll start designing without an idea in mind, sketching something out for fun, but it often doesn't lead to anything. This is why starting with an idea is a requirement when creating designs. Once you've focused on what you want to achieve, open your mind and let your creativity take charge!


Start where every designer begins, on a piece of paper. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by "Blank Paper Anxiety." This first step is essential, and it will guide you through the designing process. Don't be discouraged when you have to start over again; you'll eventually come up with something or maybe even a starting point for a new idea.


To get started, just open up your favourite vector graphics editor and start playing around! There is no such thing as the "best software." The best one is the one you are most confident using. Sure, Adobe Suite gives you a variety of options, but other software is just as good as long as you know how to make the most out of it. Enjoy it!


Now it's time to see what we've got here! Be sure to test your designs on different devices with different resolutions. Plus, if you're working on a web project, don't forget to check how it looks on the different browsers. Remember, when I say "browser," I mean all of versions of it. (in fact, IE's gonna be the worst enemy you can face!)

This is what I do, more or less…

Well actually, this is probably what I like to do rather than what I actually do. I believe that loving what you do helps you achieve. So a lot of the time, I find that what I do ends up being what I like doing. Anyways, if something isn't on the chart, it's probably because I don't like it enough, or maybe it hasn't been invented yet.

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